Challenges on the Path of Child Development - Waldorf Journal Project #3


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Waldorf Journal Project #3

The Waldorf Journal Project, sponsored by the Waldorf Curriculum Fund, brings to English-speaking audiences translations from essays, magazines, and specialized studies from around the world.

This third edition of translations is comprised of articles intended for personal and faculty study. Some of the articles, such as the ones on life’s anxieties/life’s opportunities, hearing, sleep disturbances, sexuality, puberty and its crisis, and drug addiction, will be significant to share with parents. Hopefully, they will be aids in helping to understand and transform some of the challenges the modern world has placed on children and on raising children.


  • Life’s Anxieties – Life’s Opportunities:Two Essays
  • Living Fearlessly with Anxiety:
  • The Therapeutic Mission of Fear in Human Development by Pietro Archiati
  • Transforming Consciousness through Anxiety Anxiety Phenomena in Daily Life and Its Opportunities by Felicitas Vogt
  • Sleep Disturbances and Healthy Sleep by Christa-Johanna Bub-Jachens
  • Nutrition: Modern Food: Is It Really Future-Oriented? by Petra Kühne
  • Food and Nutrition:
  • What Nourishes Our Children? and Problems of Nutrition - Too Fat, too Thin by Petra Kühne
  • The Feet Reveal the Human Will by Norbert Glas
  • Hearing: Door to the Soul and Spirit Around Us, with a Look at Technological Media by Heinz Buddemeier
  • The Unfolding of Sexuality by Mathias Wais
  • Puberty and Its Crisis: Educational Help in Overcoming Difficulties by Dr. Johannes Bockemühl
  • Drug Addiction: The Wake-up Call of Our Times by Felicitas Vogt
  • Education Seen as a Problem Involving the Training of Teachers by Rudolf Steiner
196 pages
8.5 x 11 inches