Child Development and Pedagogical Issues - Waldorf Journal Project #2


Sold Out

Compiled and Edited by David Mitchell

The concept of stages, phases, or developmental periods is rooted deep in history.

Christopher Schaefer mentions that the Chinese talked about three phases:
receiving from the world (0-21)
fighting in the world (21-42)
the age of peace and wisdom (42-death).

The Greeks looked at 10 periods of life comprised of seven year periods:
(0-7) was the time of fantasy
(7-14) was middle childhood where learning began
(14-21) was the time of discipline and military service
(21-28) was when one established a basis for one's life, and so forth.

The Romans had a simpler form with five stages.

This collection of translations and supportive articles from German, Swedish, Norwegian, British and American journals focuses on child development and pedagogical issues from the Waldorf perspective. It is hoped that the reader will find them valuable to study and useful as resources in striving to truly serve the young people we are helping navigate to their individual ego consciousness.

Articles include:
The Making of a Teacher by Henry Barnes
Child Development-Conception to Birth: Embryology from an Anthroposophical Perspective by Bruno Callegaro, M.D.
Early Childhood Today: Wish and Reality by Walter Riethmuller
The Kindergarten Child by Peter Lang
Creating a Meadow for Childhood: Education for a New Millennium, What Do Young Children Need Today? by Sally Schweizer
Psychology and Early Years Learning: Affirming the Wisdom of Waldorf by Richard House
Children's Questions by A. C. Harwood
Non-Verbal Education: A Necessity in the Developmental Stages by Michaela Glockler, M.D.
Child Observation and Study by Michaela Glockler, M.D.
Some Aspects of Child Study Work in Faculty Meetings: Points for Observation in Child Study by Magda Lissau
Overview of Childhood Characteristics by David Mitchell
Encountering the Individuality of a Child by Walter Riethmuller
Tell Me a Story: The Narrative of Active Learning by Martyn Rawson
Sleep as a Task of Waldorf Education by Peter Loebell
The Effect of Lunar Nodes on Human Biography: Our Hidden Plan by Susanne Donato
The Adolescent Years by L. Francis Edmunds

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