Survey of Waldorf Graduates II


The Research Institute for Waldorf education has published the results of a two year study of over five hundred Waldorf graduates from 1943–2005.

The research looks at post-secondary education, major fields of study, honors and awards won, job choices, life values, human relationships, past recollections and criticisms of Waldorf education, and so forth.

The Appendix contains numerous quotes from college professors, employers, as well as anecdotes from the graduates themselves.

The study provides a profile of a typical Waldorf graduate.

Table of Contents
High School Growth in North America
Profile of a Typical Waldorf Graduate
Method Used in This Survey
Results, Observations, and Analysis
1. Overview of Participants
2. Higher Education of Waldorf School Graduates
Year Off Before College
Colleges and Universities Attended by Respondents
Colleges that Graduated Waldorf Alumni/ae
Fields of Major Study in College
Waldorf Graduates Compared to U .S. Population
Degrees Earned by Respondents
Special Honors and Awards
Studies Beyond Undergraduate Level
Impressions of Waldorf Students from College Professors
Quotes about Waldorf Graduates from Professors
3. College Graduates’ Relationship to Work
Occupations and Employment Status
Years Spent in Occupation after Earning Undergraduate Degree
Graduates Who Did Not Attend or Complete College
Occupations of Those Who Did Not Graduate from College
Relationship to Work
Years in Same Occupation
Work Force Experience
Impressions of Waldorf Students from Employers
4. Cultural and Social Activities
5. Interest in the News
6. Human Relationships
Marriage or Long Term Committed Relationship
Satisfaction with Current Relationship
Children of Graduates
Children of Graduates Attending Waldorf Schools
Influence of Waldorf Education on Child Rearing
7. General Experience of Life
8. Experience of Waldorf Education
9. Influence and Importance of Waldorf Education in Life
10. Aspects of Waldorf Rejected But Now Seen Differently
11. Relationship to Anthroposophy
12. Health
Statistical Analysis
Problems Encountered with the Survey
Next Steps for Further Research
A. Colleges Attended by Survey Participants
B. Fields of Major Study in College
C. Special Honors Received by Respondents
D. Open-Ended Questions with Examples
E. Pertinent Questions T ha t Could Have Been Asked in the Survey
F. Sample of Survey
G. Summary of Phase I
H. Sample Questions for Professors and Employers
I. Selection of Anecdotes from Professors
J. Selection of Anecdotes from Employers
K. Selection of Anecdotes from Graduates

ISBN: 978-1-888365-82-5
169 pages
8.5 x 11 inches