Home Surroundings the Waldorf Way

Roberto Trostli


A Guide for 1st and 2nd Grade Waldorf Teachers

Science in the early grades in a Waldorf School is a rich experience of drawing children closer to nature, with a quality of wonder and practices that engender keen observation. This lays the groundwork for the upper grades when careful observation and a sense of reverence for the natural occurrences of life help youngsters appreciate nature's importance and reverence surrounding all scientific phenomena.

Trostli builds a detailed picture of how critical early grades are for laying a foundation for life around scientific practices while encouraging the morality of a natural kind around the happenings in nature and the world at large. Any first or second-grade teacher can use Home Surroundings the Waldorf Way as a map of approaching "nature studies" or "home surroundings" with a carefully prepared plan.


Waldorf Publications
ISBN: 978-1-943582-67-9
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116 pages
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