Chemistry for Waldorf Middle Schools: Grades Seven and Eight

Robert Sonner


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A Compendium of Phenomenological Experiments
Teacher’s Reference Book

This rich resource come from out of this Waldorf teacher’s decades of creative teaching in Waldorf classrooms. This is a BIG book, (202 pages) full of insight and explanation of how to present phenomenological chemistry in grades 7 & 8. No Waldorf class teacher should be without this book. It makes all teaching in Chemistry possible!


This spiral bound book will lay flat on your desk as a reference while teaching and includes:

  • Biographies of noteworthy chemists and watershed bearers of new ideas in the history of chemistry and modern scientific thinking;

  • Illustrations in full color suitable for Blackboard drawings and Main Lesson Book illustrations;

  • Cautionary notes in RED for safety consciousness;

  • Ponderings of this experienced teacher about why we teach what we teach and what an experiment can illuminate;

  • Anecdotes from the Waldorf school history;

  • Child development hints about why Waldorf schools teach chemistry in grades 7 & 8;

  • Clear descriptions of experiments;

  • Listings of necessary equipment and chemicals;

  • Spiral bound and full color for maximum accessibility and differentiation!


Waldorf Publications 8.5” x 11”
ISBN 978-1-936367-57-3 
212 pages 
8.5 x 11 color