Educating the Will - Waldorf Journal Project #13


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Educating the Will: Waldorf Journal Project #13

Awakening the Spiritual Powers of the Head: Educating the Will (Christof Wiechert)
Wake Up Your Headspirit: At Eye Level (Tobias Richter)
Awaken the Spirit of the Head: Pyramids and Stars (James Pewtherer)
Man's Will Is His Kingdom of Heaven, Hartwig (Schiller)
Artistic Activity - Individual Resonance - New Paths (Claus-peter Roh)
Bringing the Will into Thinking in Adolescence (Betty Staley)
Learning Is a Royal Path to Freedom (Hartwig Schiller)
Rhythm as a Source of Regeneration (Dirk Cysarz)
Art: Awakener of Consciousness, Humanizer for Society (Van James)
The Push for Early Childhood Literacy: A View from Europe (Christopher Clouder)
Childhood Falls Silent (Dr. Rainer Patzlaff)
Painting and the Child (Caroline von Heydebrand)

87 pages