Challenges on the Path of Child Development - Waldorf Journal Project #3


Waldorf Journal Project #3
Compiled and edited by David Mitchell

Contents are:

Life's Anxieties-Life's Opportunities: Anxiety and Its Importance to Inner Development; Two Essays by Pietro Archiati and Felicitas Vogt

Sleep Disturbances and Healthy Sleep by Christa-Johanna Bub-Jachens

Nutrition: Modern Food: Is It Really Future-Oriented? by Petra K�hne

Food and Nutrition: What Nourishes Our Children? by Petra K�hne

The Feet Reveal the Human Will by Norbert Glas

Hearing: Door to the Soul and Spirit around Us, with a Look at Technological Media by Heinz Buddemeier

The Unfolding of Sexuality by Mathias Wais

Puberty and Its Crisis: Educational Help in Overcoming Difficulties by Dr. Johannes Bockem�hl

Drug Addiction: The Wake-up Call of Our Times by Felicitas Vogt

Education Seen as a Problem Involving the Training of Teachers by Rudolf Steiner

196 pages
8.5 x 11 inches