Darwin (and more) Waldorf Journal Project #14


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Table of Contents:
What Makes Human Beings Human (Wolfgang Schad)
Darwin's Incomplete Knowledge of Death (Wolfgang Schad)
Darwin Suffered from Darwinism (Wolfgang Schad)
Body Movements Are Invisible Thinking, Mathmatical Thinking Is Inner Movement (Erik Marstrander)
What Is Goetheanism? (Trond Skaftnesmo)
The Rhinoceros and the Eagle (Trond Skaftnesmo)
Close Contact with the Earth: Necessary Experiences that Provide a Basis for Lessons in Natural Sciences, An Interview with Linda Jolly (Eli Tronsmo)
Physics Lessons that Start with the Human Being (Geir Oyen)
The Power of Observation in Literature Lessons (Tom Horn)
Insight into Human nature as a Basis for Waldorf Education: Anthroposophy and Modern Brain Research (Helge Godager)
Think Globally and Act Locally: The Ecology Practicum in the 11th Grade (Holger Bauman)
Music: An Endangered "Species"? (Magne Skrede)
Performing Arts versus Degraded Speech (Magne Skrede)
From Crisis to Cooperation (Sylvia Fuehrer)
Productivity and Receptiveness: How Do We Work Together on the School Organism? (Karl-Martin Dietz)

Spiralbound; 105 pages