Foundations for a Healthy Life - Waldorf Journal Project #4


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Play and Toys in the Life of Toddlers by Elke Blattmann
Child's Play and Its Significance for Healthy Development by Rudolf Kischnick
Does Life Have Meaning? Destiny and Reincarnation by Walter Buhler
Overstimulation-"I Have No Time" by Walter Buhler, Alfred Schutze, and Rudolf Treichler
The Restless Child - Advice for Parents and Teachers by Dr. Johannes Bockenmuhl
Sugar - The Sweet Addiction by Otto Wolff
Sunlight and Our Exposure to It by Luder Jachens
The Healing Power of Lively Thought by Walter Buhler
The Healing Power of Quiet Contemplation and Prayer by Hans-Werner Schroeder
The Emergence of the Idea of Evolution at the Time of Goethe by Frank Teichman
Osiris and Isis by Jorgen Smit
Osiris and Isis, a Play by Jorgen Smit

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187 pages
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