Michaelmas - Waldorf Journal Project #15


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Waldorf Journal Project #15

Michaelmas and the Soul Forces of the Human Being by Rudolf Steiner
The Activity of Michael and the Future of Humanity by Rudolf Steiner
The Michael-Christ-Experience of Humankind by Rudolf Steiner
The Work of Michael by Dr. Ita Wegman, MD
Why Do Waldorf Schools Celebrate Michaelmas? by David Mitchell
Working with the Festivals through the Twelve Senses by David Mitchell
The Deeds of Michael: A Collection of Tales and Legends
from around the World,
Feast of St. Michael (From The Golden Legend)
Michael Legends (From a Speech by Pico Della Mirandola)
Gothic Hymn unto the Archangel Michael (From the Greek)
Michael (Greek Hymn from the Middle Ages)
Michael in the Ancient Orient
Michael as Indra (From the Rigveda)
The Bhagadvad-Gita as a Reflection of Michael's Battle in Heaven
Michael as Mithras (From the Avesta)
Mithras, Revealing the Sacred Names (From a Mithras Liturgy)
Michael as Marduk (After the Babylonian Song of World Creation
as Given by Friedrich Delitzsch)
Michael According to the Conceptions of the Hebrew People
Creation of Adam
Michael as Guardian of the Word
Michael Tests Moses' Willingness to Sacrifice
Michael as Savior of Isaac
Moses' Death
The Four Winds
The Rainbow
The Bowl of the World
The Book of the Seventy-Two Signs
Michael as Guardian of Paradise (Medieval Tale)
Michael and the Mystery of Golgotha
Golgotha (Russian Legend)
Michael and the Risen One
(From the Rejentime Easter Play, 15th Century)
Michael According to Manichean Conceptions
Michael and Evil (Ancient Bulgarian Legend)
Michael and the Doubter (German Legend)
Legends Concerning Michael's Workings in Places Consecrated to Him
Michael's Sanctuary in Chonae (From the Greek)
The Sanctuary of Michael on Mount Gargano (Latin Legend)
Mont Saint-Michel (French Legend)
Mont Saint-Michel (Chronicle of the City of Speyer)
Michael as Healer (Christian Legends from Egypt)
The Leper Jew
The Unfulfilled Vow
The Blind Man
The Possessed
Worship of Michael from the Time of Charlemagne to the 10th Century
Sequence on St. Michael Dedicated to Emperor Charlemagne
(Latin Hymn from the Middle Ages)
The Dragon of Ireland (French Legend)
Michael's Transition from Legend to the History of the
Fading Middle Ages
Michael as Friend of Mankind (Icelandic Legend)
Michael Leads the Army of Barbarossa (German Legend)
To St. Michael (Latin Hymn of the Middle Ages, 11th Century)
How Henry II Beheld Michael on Monte Gargano and
How He Was Touched and Lamed by Him (German Legend)
Prayer (From Old Norway, circa 1300)
The Death of St. Elizabeth of Thuringa (German Legend)
Lucifer's Crown (From the “Singers' Contest on the Wartburg,’
13th Century)
The Vision of Jeanne d'Arc (Account of Jeanne d'Arc's Deposition)
Michael, the Angel, Speaketh
Michael in the European East
St. Michael on the Crescent Moon (After a Polish Legend)
Of Michael, the Archangel (From the Russian)
Michael According to the Conceptions of Simple Folk
Why the Sole of Man's Foot Is not Even
Miner's Song (From Bohemia)
The Devil's Scythe (French Legend)
What the Peasants of Normandy Tell about Michael
Michael's Cosmic Activity
The Twelfth Chapter of the Revelation of St. John
Concerning the Iron in the Kalewala and the Spiritual Forge
in the North
Michael Legend from the Philippines
The Legend of Mont Saint-Michel by Guy de Maupassant

Spiralbound, 148 pages

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