Shaping One's Life and Forming the World - Waldorf Journal Project #6


Compiled and Edited by David Mitchell - Social Conflict and the Sub-Natural Forces by Friedrich Glasl; Craft and Moralityby Dr. Thomas Weiss; Empathy by Dr. Thomas Weiss; Youth Guidance and Empathy
by Anke Weiss; Organology and Physiology of Learning Aspects of
an Educational Theory of the Body by Wolfgang Schad; Thoughts on the Idea of Evolution compiled by Arthur Auer; Three Kinds of Milk: A Tale from the Swiss Alps
by Conrad Englert-Faye; Waldorf Education in South Africa by James Pewtherer; A South African Elegy by Magarethe Mehren; Encouragement for Sculpture
by Peter A. Wolf; Memories of a Former Waldorf Student by Magarethe Mehren; Section from Memories of a Former Waldorf Student in German
by Magarethe Mehren - Spiralbound - 163 pages