Spiritual Insights - From the Work of Rudolf Steiner


Compiled by Helmut von Kugelgen

Helmut von Kugelgen has gathered together meditations, exercises, thoughts by Rudolf Steiner that are so powerfully alive that the book itself practically vibrates with the excitement of imminent discovery. It would be possible to work with this book for years without exhausting your interest or plumbing its full depths.

Sample Contents:
Meditative Words which Seize the Will
Foundation Stone
Basic Pedagogical Principles
Connection with the Hierarchies
Six Subsidiary Exercises
For the Days of the Week
Twelve Monthly Virtues
Prayer of Submission
The Rose Cross Meditation
The Influence of the Christ-Impulse
Rhythms for the Days of the Week
At the Ringing of Bells
Further Verses for Self-Education.

WECAN Publications
ISBN 0-9722238-2-7
75 pages
5.5 x 8.5 inches