Survey Report: Portfolios Waldorf High School Research Project #1


Waldorf High School Research Project #1

Artistic and Academic Portfolios, Alternatives to College, Scholarship Web Sites, Social-Emotional Skills - David Mitchell, ed.

This book summarizes results of a questionnaire sent to every Waldorf high school in North America in 1999. Schools were asked to report (1) their guidelines for senior artistic and/or academic portfolios, (2) whether and what alternatives to college they suggest to their seniors, and (3) what specific social/emotional skills they work on with their students, including stress management, time management, sexuality, mental health, conflict resolution, study skills, communications skills, human boundary issues, listening skills, and life management. Some additional research undertaken by the  High School Research Project Committee is also included.

Waldorf Publications
96 pages
8.5 x 11 inches