Technology - Waldorf Journal Project #19


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Technology: Waldorf Journal Project #19
Rudolf Steiner and Technology
A Few Quotes on Technology by Rudolf Steiner
Education for Adolescents by Rudolf Steiner
On the Philosophy of Freedom by Lorenzo Ravagli
On Freedom by Henning Köhler
Human Capital – Commercial Value or Creative Potential? by Henning Köhler
An Information and Communication Technology Curriculum for Steiner/Waldorf Schools by William Steffen
“Building Inner Fire” Independent Working and Learning: Teaching through Projects by Sibylla Hesse
I Question, Therefore I Am by Henning Köhler
Technology and the Celebration of Work as Developed in Waldorf Education by David Mitchell
Will-Developed Intelligence: Craft and Movement Gesture in Education by Bernard Graves for The Hiram Trust
Praise for Authority by Henning Köhler
What Does Term Extension [for Atomic Power Plants] Have to Do with Our Children? by Henning Köhler
Helping Adolescents Improve Their Memory by Albert Schmelzer
When a Child Has Problems, It’s Not Always the Parents’ Fault by Henning Köhler
Education Through Experience – Experienced Education by Dietrich Esterl
Panacea: The Magic Remedy for a Contemporary Education by Johannes Kiersch

8.5 x 11 inches
89 pages