Parent Favorites Bundle


Help for parents and teachers who puzzle over those children who teach us about life through their difficulties and demands: life, love, and the pursuit of right relationship.

Difficult Children: There is No Such Thing by Henning Kohler (List Price: $18.00)
This book serves as a guide to both parents and teachers for dealing with children. It comes to us at a time when there is great uneasiness from the increasing numbers of children demonstrating so-called behavioral disorders who are being classified as "educationally difficult"; Kohler protests against the present societal labeling that makes life unbearable for children. He challenges these accepted patterns of thought and outlines a spiritually deepened concept of education and upbringing that is truly refreshing. Every parent and teacher will benefit from this book.

Completing the Circle by Thomas Poplawski (List Price: $14.00)
With parents and grandparents in mind, this book describes how the school and the home can complete a cooperative circle in providing a mantle of warmth in support of the children. Poplawski describes developmentally appropriate pictures of the growing child and explains the concepts behind many Waldorf pedagogical practices.

Topics include:
Taming the Media Monster
The Power of Play
Toys Are Not Us
Children and Sports-Finding a Balance
An Esoteric View of the Human Being and Its Value in the Education of the Child
Paradise Lost: The Nine-Year Change
The Four Temperaments
Watching Your Temperament

Adventures in Parenting by Rachel Ross (List Price: $16.00)
This book is subtitled "a support guide for parents,' and its purpose is to reach out to give parents tools that they can use to further the results of the Waldorf classroom. The author addresses:

  • Different parenting styles
  • How to break bad patterns
  • Recognizing and meeting the children's cognitive needs
  • The complicated activity of properly observing phenomena
  • The benefits of setting healthy boundaries.

An insightful book on parenting the young child. Included are easy to understand chapters on the four temperaments, healing the past, learning to observe your child, recognizing and meeting the needs of children, setting boundaries, parenting by temperament.

Working with Anxious, Nervous, & Depressed Children by Henning Kohler (List Price: $18.00)
A Spiritual Perspective to Guide Parents - New spiritually based solutions are needed to solve some of the complex problems found in today's youth. Henning Kohler courageously presents parents and teachers with a practical path of schooling the thinking, heart, and will in selfless devotion to the individual destiny of each child.