Physics for Waldorf Middle Schools: Grades Six, Seven and Eight

Robert Sonner


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A Compendium of Phenomenological Experiments
Teacher’s Reference Book
This rich resource come from out of this Waldorf teacher’s decades of creative teaching in Waldorf classrooms. Sonner compiles all his notes including:
  • Descriptions of experiments in clear terms supported by child development and Steiner’s indications;
  • Main-Lesson-Book appropriate illustrations;
  • Biographies of scientists who made a difference in scientific history;
  • Teacherly notes of particular things to watch for or to do;
  • WARNINGS in red about safety precautions that need attention for each experiment;
  • Clear descriptions of each experiment;
  • Equipment lists for each experiment;
  • Ponderings on the outcomes of experiments and science teaching – learning
  • Spiral bound and full color for maximum illumination and differentiation!

This is a BIG book (318 pages) filled with creative ideas, Waldorf pedagogical background information, blackboard-ready illustrations, guides for teachers, equipment lists, and reasons for doing Physics in Grade 6, 7 & 8!! No class teacher will want to be without this resource!
The book is spiral bound to keep it flat on the desk while proceeding with experiments. It holds biographies of noteworthy physicists, even some more obscure pioneers in modern science for ready re-telling to a class.
Robert Sonner calls his book: a teacher’s reference book. And it is this an almost endless resource of good ideas for phenomenological scientific teaching!
Waldorf Publications
ISBN 978-1-936367-56-6
344 pages
8.5 x 11 color