Teaching Children Handwriting

Audrey McAllen

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Teaching Children Handwriting is not just another book about teaching block printing and cursive script. It is a reference for the whole language arts curriculum for the first three grades and beyond. It begins with the young child's orientation in space and presents written language in the context of the development of human consciousness. With practical suggestions for activities, posture, choice of writing instruments, and much more, it also gives helpful insights into learning difficulties that can be seen through writing. Teaching Children Handwriting offers guidance and encouragement; it is a real treasure for all who love the written word.

The Relationship of the Three Dimensions of Space to the Growing Child
The Alphabet and Writing as a Picture of the Development of Human Consciousness
The Preparation for Writing
Teaching the Letters as Pictures; Reading Your Own Handwriting
Oh, Spelling! Writing Difficulties

Rudolf Steiner College Press
ISBN: 0945803559 
145 pages
6 X 9 inches