The Ones They Left Behind

Antonio Elmaleh


Sold Out

A Civil War story that shows an America unable to heal itself until one man chooses to revisit the horrors of war in order to find peace for himself and his country. The Ones They Left Behind is a beautifully written story with multi-dimensional characters, intense battle scenes, and a lot of heart.

The Ones They Left Behind is a sweeping and engrossing historically accurate account of post-Civil War America told through the eyes of one man, Harriman Hickenlooper, a Civil War veteran, who singlehandedly begins to heal the wounds of a country, bitter and divided by war, by recreating Sherman’s March to the Sea. This time, instead of carrying a gun, Harriman will carry a flag. Instead of marching for war, he will march for peace.

His journey is fraught with danger, pain, and healing -- not only for himself, but for an entire nation. The Ones They Left Behind is a story every American needs to read. The parallels of our country’s bloodiest war to the current divisiveness in today’s America are clear. Looking to the past may keep us from repeating the same mistakes today. The Ones They Left Behind is more than an historical novel; it is a blueprint for healing America today.

Harriman’s fictionalized journey is inspired by an actual Union veteran soldier’s march for peace in post-Civil War America.

21Cent Imprints
ISBN: 9780990640622
250 pages
9 x 6 inches