Tiptap the Gnome

Lucia Grosse


This beautifully-illustrated book has engaged generations of young children. This little colorful gem can be used as a reader for children just starting to learn to read.

This volume includes six short stories - poems in rhyme - with beautiful, colored illustrations. The first is about a gnome waking up and rejoicing in the springtime; next, a little girl named Annie is caught outdoors in a rainstorm; in the third, a balloon and a kite take a trip; then, Rosalind has a great dream; the fifth is about wintertime activities; and the last piece is an account of the Christmas story.

This edition is a translation, and the rhyme and meter work very well; the quatrains are simple and catchy enough for a youngster to pick up.

The themes are likewise fun and accessible for small children.

The illustrations are very expressive and rich in color - each one captures the mood of the stanza it accompanies.

Floris Books
24 pages
6.25 x 8.75 inches

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