There’s No Minute Like the Last Minute! December 16 2016

Waldorf Publications and the Research Institute for Waldorf Education have many fine possibilities for thoughtful gifts when thoughtfulness in the hectic season becomes hard to muster.

Consider the caliber and depth of some of these gifts — remember, books and subscriptions keep giving long into the future!

Thoughtful gifts for children:

  • The Sun with Loving Light edited by long-time class teacher, Stephen Bloomquist, is filled with beautiful verses, memorable songs and compelling stories for the five-through-nine-year old child in your life!
  • Liputto by Jakob Streit — one little book about a gnome
  • Little Gnome Tenderroot by Jakob Streit — both Liputto and Tenderroot are tales of twinkly, wee characters who, through their antics, teach about the cycles of the year and the work within the living earth to nourish us and plan each season
  • The Invisible Boat by Eric Mueller — is a page turner for the nine to twelve-year-old crowd! This story tells of water beings and children who work together to clean the polluted water of a big city.  Adventure, suspense, danger, courage, and friendship all make this a gripping tale of collaboration between human beings and the forces of the earth to find solutions to our current challenges.
  • The Old Shepherd’s Tale by Christopher Nye — is the perfect Christmas story for any aged child. The book is beautifully illustrated and tells a compelling tale of an old man whose feelings about the animals he tends and about all animals after he hears the animals in the manger talking together to help the newborn infant.
  • Jonathan and the Tree by Gilad Goldschmidt — is a moving story of a little boy who befriends a tree and learns loving and difficult lessons about life, death, and courage.

Thoughtful gifts for teachers, parents, friends:

  • Trailing Clouds of Glory edited by Douglas Gerwin — is a rich and helpful collection of essays chosen to help in addressing ideas of sexuality and adolescence. Straightforward facts and imaginative pictures (e.g., the dance of the ovum with the herd of sperm) are presented by experts, parents and teachers to assist in speaking to youngsters about the whole sexual aspect of being human.
  • Word Mastery Primer by Hugh Renwick — is a well done collection of ideas and unusual stories directed and bringing an awareness of phonics to first through third grade children.
  • Chapters from Ancient History by Dorothy Harrer — is a sweeping path through the ancient civilizations starting with India, traveling through Persia, Babylon and Egypt and arriving at ancient Greece. This is a marvelous overview for any adult but does happen to succinctly cover the curriculum of the fifth grade!
  • Rubicon by Rudolf Steiner and Monica Ruef — is a collection of everything Rudolf Steiner ever said about the nine-year-old change with a few helpful hints concerning the change of teeth and the onset of puberty, too!
  • Learning to See the World through Drawing by Elizabeth Auer — explains a way to lock the artist within anyone. Complete with hundreds and hundreds of blackboard drawings, main lesson book drawings and examples of diagnostic children’s drawings, the book also comes with a CD of more
  • The Ones They Left Behind by Antonio Elmaleh — is a post-Civil War story of a disillusioned Yankee soldier, who burned through Sherman’s march to the sea with his platoon. Back in Wisconsin he is troubled by the continuing talk of hatred for the South even after the war is done. This is a gripping and heart rending story. Based on real incidents, this book gives a harrowing glimpse into the devastation in the south following the war.
  • Solving the Riddle of the Child: The Art of the Child Study by Christof Wiechert — This is a book that will make clear the esoteric work in Waldorf schools around the careful observation of children that forms the heart of what makes our schools so unique and teachers so committed to the children in their care.
Trailing Clouds of Glory Word Mastery Primer Chapters From Ancient History Rubicon Learning to See the World Through Drawing The Ones They Left Behind Solving the Riddle of the Child

Also, a gift subscription to the Research Bulletin or to Renewal offers the receiver a lasting way to continue reading about the studies that support Waldorf practices and in depth looks into what those practices are!

The Library Lady and all the staff at Waldorf Publications and the Research Institute for Waldorf Education send warm wishes for a peaceful and happy holiday time with family and friends and a prosperous New Year filled with good health and good will!