An Exploration into the Destiny of the Waldorf School Movement

Frans Lutters


This surprising book originated from a reported comment by Rudolf Steiner to the founder of the first Waldorf School. Emil Molt, in which Steiner indicated that Emil Molt had a karmic connection with Emperor Charlemagne, who founded the Holy Roman Empire in the ninth century. Charlemagne also had the remarkable initiative of founding schools in his empire in which teaching took place in the local vernacular, one could say, public schools. He did this at a time when schools existed only in monasteries and all teaching was in Latin. It was unheard of to teach the common people. Secular people, even kings and princes, usually could not read or write.

The author spent over 25 years researching the biographies of the principal individuals who implemented Charlemagne's school movement, including the leader of the school at his court, Alcuin. He then perceives fascinating parallels between the biographies of these people and those of the key individuals around Rudolf Steiner and Emil Molt, who made the first Waldorf School possible. In the process he evokes in the reader intriguing questions as to the working of karma in the Waldorf School movement, not only on an individual basis but also in world culture. In addition, throughout the book he explores Charlemagne's connection with the Grail mysteries, especially because of the family relationship of Charlemagne's mother, Berta, with Titurel, the builder of the Grail Castle.

Highly recommended for anyone interested in the spiritual/historical background of Waldorf Education.

Waldorf Publication
ISBN 978-1-936367-19-1
180 pages
6 x 9 inches

Table of Contents
Introduction - The Waldorf School Movement in the Light of the 9th Century
The Question of the Karma of the Waldorf School Movement
The Significance of the Educational Impulse of Charlemagne
Knight Roland, Charlemagne's Favorite Paladin
Emil Molt and Hermann Hesse
Alcuin, Leader of the Court School of Charlemagne, and Karl Stockmeyer
The Court School of Charlemagne
Goosefoot Berta and Daan van Bemmelen
The Destiny of the Waldorf School Movement
Herbert Hahn Working in the Spirit of Waldo von Reichenau
Widukind and Charlemagne - 'Where Is Widukind?'
Alexander Strakosch and Paulinus of Aquileia - A Source for the Subject The Art of Life
The Poet Notker and Themes in the Life of Ernst Uehli
Parsifal and the Task of the Waldorf School Movement - 1
Parsifal and the Task of the Waldorf School Movement - 2
Parsifal and the Task of the Waldorf School Movement - 3
Rudolf Hauschka and the WALA
Walter Johannes Stein and Hugo of Tours
The Teaching of Trevrezent - The Seven Liberal Arts in the Relationship between Teacher and Pupil
Emil and Berta Molt's Encounter with Parsifal
Who Is the Historical Titurel from the Grail Story?
The Sun Cross Motif of Fritz Count of Bothmer and Fursa of Peronne
The Renewal of the Hibernian Mysteries in Waldorf School Pedagogy
Caroline von Heydebrand and Rudolf Steiner - Between Europe and America
Rudolf Steiner and the Destiny of the Waldorf School Movement
Your School Years - A Parsifal Path to Adulthood
How Do I Find My True Brother?