Observing the Class Observing the Children


Previously Waldorf Journal Project #18

Every child holds a collection of secrets. Once revealed the child becomes more able to connect to others, to adults, and is more ready to learn. The perception of a child is an activity that makes the child feel "seen." This, in turn, unlocks much enthusiasm and willingness to engage in learning, creating, giving his or her secrets away to the world. This collection of essays addresses the cultivation of keen observational skills to help this opening up of the child's capacities and gifts through careful observation. Based on Waldorf pedagogical principles, simple approaches to all youngsters through elementary and high school grades are described with warmth and encouragement for teachers and parents. The essays were gathered by editor, David Mitchell from around the world. Children are children no matter from which culture they hail!

Waldorf Publications
ISBN: 978-1936367832
7 x 10 inches
100 pages