Gesture Games for Spring and Summer

Wilma Ellersiek, translated and edited by Lyn and Kundry Willwerth; illustrated by Friedericke Lögters 


Hand Gesture, Song and Movement Games for Children in Kindergarten and the Lower Grades

The first volume of Wilma Ellersiek's wonderful seasonal gesture games, fingerplays, and songs in the mood of the fifth. A companion to Giving Love--Bringing Joy.
32 songs and gesture games, inspired by nature and the children themselves, designed to lead teachers, parents and children into joyful participation with nature. Margret Costanini’s introduction outlines the educational basis of example and imitation behind this work. Craft directions and a biography of Wilma Ellersiek are also included. The companion CD also has songs and games for autumn/winter.
WECAN Publications
ISBN: 978-0-9722238-0-5
110 pages