The Dragon of Two Hearts

Donald Samson



The Dragon of Two Hearts is an adventure of courage and perseverance. It is the second book in The Star Trilogy, and picks up the thread of The Dragon Boy. The knight Michael goes to the aid of a kingdom plagued by a wild dragon. However, the king is oddly not in any hurry to be rid of the fearsome beast. Equally confusing is the princess, a warrior maiden who is fascinated by the dragon's prowess.

For fourth grade and up, it is a compelling read for any age. Its classic theme of the battle with the dragon is interwoven with unforeseen turns and revelations. It is valuable as a reader in the fifth through seventh grade to promote conversation around the nature of good and evil, destiny, love, and above all, the courage to follow one's path and inner voice.

Waldorf Publications

ISBN 978-1-888365-93-1
316 pages
6 x 9 inches