Waldorf Science Kit #17 - Physics, Grade 8


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A complete kit developed to assist the teaching of science blocks in the Waldorf Curriculum.  When used in conjunction with Michael D'Aleo's and Stephen Edelglass' book 'Sensible Physics Teaching' this kit contains the supplies described for the grade eight physics curriculum.

Parts List:
2 Water prism kits
Bell kit
15 prisms, 25 mm x 100
Gilley coil
10 covered alligator clips
7 Alligator clip leads
St. Louis motor
5 6-cc syringes
5 12-cc syringes
5 3-cc syringes
Red rubber tubing, 3/16 x 1/16 x 10 ft
Equilibrium tubes
Magnetic Needle
22-guage enameled copper magnet wire
16-guage bare copper wire
Iron filings, 250 g
Magdeburg hemispheres
Nalgene hand vacuum pump
1 89-mm double convex lens, f 220 mm
3 50-mm double convex lens, f 50 mm
3 50-mm double convex lens, 5 100 mm
3 50-mm double convex lens, f 150 mm
3 50-mm double convex lens, f 200 mm
3 50-mm double convex lens, f 250 mm
4 flux path compasses

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