Big-Stamp Two-Toes the Barefoot Giant

Reg Down

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Accompany Tiptoes Lightly and her many friends as they journey through springtime. Ompliant the Elephant gets to see Jemima Mouse’s babies (he just can’t believe they are pink with no fur!), but not before his leg has been thoroughly, and humorously, pulled by Chit-Chat the Chipmunk. However, Ompliant’s feet are big, and the very next day Tom Nutcracker bravely follows the giant footprints deep into the forest—only to get himself hopelessly treed (luckily you-know-who helps him down in the end). Other adventures include: Tiptoes meets Spinner the Dolphin and shows him his very first flowers, and Pine Cone and Pepper Pot the gnomes sail down Running River to Pixie Island and hear how the little blue and yellow Forget-me-not got its name. Later, while visiting The Rock, they are told how this huge boulder came to be sitting in the middle of the forest—because of Big-Stamp Two-Toes the Barefoot Giant, of course! Extensively illustrated by the author, these are magical, humorous and reverent tales set in nature. Suitable for reading to children (late kindergarten to grade 3 or 4) or for young children to read (grades 1–4).


Reg Down Publications
ISBN: 1-412080-71-1
100 pages
6 x 9 inches