Education As Preventive Medicine

Michaela Glockler


A Salutogenic Approach - The Work of the School Physician at Waldorf/Rudolf Steiner Schools - Rudolf Steiner's Insights into Promoting Health for Children - Salutogenesis: Seeking the Source of Health - Contributions to this book from school physicians point in the direction already suggested by Rudolf Steiner. Modern research into salutogenesis and resilience has also provided validation and corroboration for these ideas. Salutogenesis means "inquiry into the origin of health." This line of thinking represents a new paradigm, a new direciton for research. Contents include: Sense activity and experience of the self; the arts in relation to the human components; metamorphosis of growth forces into thought activity; and weekly schedules and results of research on rhythm.

Rudolf Steiner College Press
ISBN 0-9458803-63-X
371 pages
5.5 x 8 inches