Tatatuck’s Journey to Crystal Mountain

Jakob Streit


Little Tatatuck is a root-pulling gnome who dreams of working in the crystal caves.  But he is small and weak and is told by the head crystal gnome that he must journey over seven mountains to the highest crystal cave on Crystal Mountain and bring back a crystal from there to qualify for being a crystal gnome.  Many have gone, but none have returned. Tatatuck travels over the seven mountains and meets one adventure after another in trying to get to Crystal Mountain. He gathers treasures and friends along the way, faces many hazards, and becomes strong in many ways just through the journey and before the destination. Does he make it?  You will have to read to know for sure! This delightful tale is masterfully told by Jakob Streit, teacher and storyteller extraordinaire!

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Waldorf Publications
ISBN: 978-1-943582-49-5
Full color illustrations
6 x 9 inches
52 pages