Morality & Ethics in Education


(Formerly published as the Waldorf Journal Projects #10 Morality and Ethics in Education #1 and Morality and Ethics in Education #2 - Waldorf Journal Project #11)

Edited by David Mitchell; translated by Karin Di Giacomco, Jon McAlice, René Querido, Jan-Kees Saltet, and Theodore Warren.

This rich collection of essays from around the global movement of Waldorf Education, provides teachers and parents moral compasses to help in directing children and young adults toward inner strength in a sense of ethics and right thought, right action. Indispensable in this time when young people need adult help in cultivating a deep inner sense of care of and kindness to others. Youngsters need models and informed adults to help them to find their own, inner sense of self and of others.

Waldorf Publications
ISBN 1-978-936367-62-7
148 pages
8.5 x 11 inches