A Child's Seasonal Treasury

Betty Jones


A Child's Seasonal Treasury was conceived as a Waldorf-inspired resource book for parents and teachers of young children.

Throughout the seasons, songs, verses, poems, riddles, fingerplays, games, creative drama and movement, watercolor painting, handcrafts, healthy recipes, and gratitude for life that rekindles a sense of wonder are keynotes of this Smithsonian Notable Children's Book (Nov. 1997, Vol 28, Number 8) 

Having been chosen as the first book in the Hearthsong Family Library (1996), Waldorf Education has grown tremendously, and with the surge of home schools, charter schools, pre-schools, and daycare centers, quality curriculum that is child-centered to help counteract the influences of TV and technology on the very young are imperative.

This newly published edition has been updated with more writing and all illustrations by the author, a conversion chart for the recipes to "translate" worldwide, and the promise that at home or school, this book will bring joy into the process of learning, both for children and for the adults who are involved with them daily.

This revised and expanded edition features sublime full-color illustrations that will bring joy to the process of learning--for children and for adults who care for them daily.

A 1997 Smithsonian Notable Book for Children.

ISBN: 978-0-9914922-1-3
139 pages