A Call to Teach

Torin Finser


In Service of Waldorf Teacher Education and Lifelong Learning

The vocation of teaching has been under considerable pressure for many decades now. Some teachers have become discouraged, even demoralized, and yet in their hearts they always know how much their students truly need them. In administering standardized tests and complying with state mandates and administrative tasks, some teachers may begin to doubt their own insights concerning the mysteries of child development and the sense of service that drew them into the teaching profession.

Drawing on his experience in the classroom and extensive research on the nature of adult learning, Torin Finser, PhD, describes full-heartedly the vital importance of thoroughly preparing teachers for the classroom of 2021 and beyond. Drawing on his 30 years of experience leading teacher education programs, he paints vivid pictures of the potential future when schools become professional learning communities led by inspired educators.

This is a book worth reading and then sharing with everyone, not only with practicing teachers but also with parents considering a change of career. Our children carry the promise of the coming years: how can we speak to them, love them, awaken curiosity for learning and a passion for social justice and healing the hurt in our world today?  This is a timely contribution to our social future—may many heed The Call to Teach!

Waldorf Publications
ISBN: 9781943582488
Perfect bound
288 pages
6 x 9 inches