At Home in Harmony


Bringing Families and Communities Together in Song

Ever wonder when you see books from Waldorf Publications with titles like, Sing through the Day and Let’s Sing and Play, what you can do with books like these when you cannot carry a tune and you hope that your kindergarten child will learn enough in school to leave you out of singing?

Well, wonder no longer! Author Meg Chittenden has assembled a book filled with wonderful songs and descriptions on how to sing them, along with a CD of the songs with a link to a phrase-by-phrase listening loop on her web site to learn as methodically needed.

At Home in Harmony is a beautiful book, also illustrated by Meg, with a warm-hearted, “don’t-worry-about-it-just-keep-singing” soul to it. She knows how uncomfortable it can be if you feel as if you can’t sing. And she knows too how comforting a song can uplift or offer celebration for a day, a festival, a bedtime, a meal, or even a moment.

Be not afraid! Make sure you get this book as it is as extraordinary as its author. We all will sing along after all!

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