A Brief History of Chemistry - New Edition

Michael Ridenour



New Edition!

Biography is the backbone of all history teaching in the upper grades in Waldorf schools.  Here, in this succinct overview of the evolution of modern chemistry, is a series of biographies of some of the great personalities that brought chemistry to its current, advanced levels. It provides a rich collection for any teacher to characterize the different phases of development in our contemporary understanding of chemistry and the sciences in general through the compelling stories of those individuals who devoted their lives to it. The book provides just enough biographical sketches to embroider busy science lessons with the colorful lives of those who made it what it is today.

Michael Ridenour is a lively and daring science teacher of long experience who has taught in many Waldorf schools in North America. He brings his lively interest in the principles of science and how these can be illustrated in simple experiments that make matters plain to the budding scientists he teaches. His grasp on modern chemistry and the great men and women who developed contemporary knowledge in chemistry makes his support of Waldorf teachers in the upper grades invaluable.

Waldorf Publications
ISBN: 978-1-943582-95-2
Black and white
150 pages
6 x 9 inches