First Grade Readiness


This is a much needed collection of previously published and new material on the topic of first grade readiness. Experienced teachers, doctors, and therapists give guidance in the nature and needs of the child between six and seven, how to observe children for signs of readiness, working with parents in school entry decisions, and creating and carrying a healthy transition from kindergarten to grade school. A section of four different sample observation forms, intended as inspiration for school to develop their own readiness observation procedures, is included.

Contributors include Joan Almon, Nancy Foster, Bettina Lohn, Michaela Glockler, Ruth Ker, Louise deForest, Audrey McAllen.

Part One:
Reflections on First Grade Readiness - Nancy Blanning
First Grade Readiness - Joan Almon
Some Guidelines for First Grade Readiness - Nancy Foster
School Readiness: A School Doctor's Perspective - Bettina Lohn, MSc
What are the signs that my child is ready for school? - Michaela Glöckler, MD and Wolfgang Goebel, MD
The Transition to Elementary School Learning: When is the right time?
School Entry and the Consolidation of Developmental Processes - Audrey E McAllen
The Development of Memory and the Transformation of Play - Louise deForest
Creating Partnerships with Parents in First Grade Readiness Decisions - Ruth Ker
Carrying the Transition to First Grade - Janet Klaar
A Transition Group at the Edinburgh Steiner School - Melissa Borden
Building the Bridge to the First Grade: How a Class Teacher Can Lead Children Gently into the Grade School - Kim Holscher
The Lowering of School Age and the Changes in Childhood: An Interim Report - Claudia McKeen, MD; Rainer Patzlaff; Martyn Rawson

Part Two:
Developing Our Observation Skills for Understanding First Grade Readiness - Ruth Ker
The Red Queen: A First Grade Assessment Story - Valerie Poplawski, Celia Riahi, and Randi Stein
First Grade Assessment Form
The Red Queen Materials List
Reverence List for The Red Queen
A Therapeutic Educator's Approach: Keeping It Imaginative and Playfully Objective - Nancy Blanning
First Grade Readiness Observation Form
Equipment List
Activities to Support Healthy Sensory Development
Observation Forms for the Documentation of Development and Learning Observation Form for Early Childhood Educators