Children and Nature

George K. Russell


This collection of 12 essays has been assembled out of a concern that many young people in America have little contact with the world of nature. The essays aspire to awaken in readers the wish to assist young people by guiding them to what lies outside their front door or in a local park or woodland, and that true nature experience will come to replace what is surely a powerful form of addiction, a dependency on text messages, e-mails and videos and a torrent of unreal, virtual images. A challenge stands squarely before us: How can we begin to address the malaise of indifference to nature so widespread among our young people?

A generation that spends, on average, 7 hours 38 minutes each day on some sort of screen (hand-held, video, TV, etc.) will have no time for quiet immersion in a natural setting, no time to play in nature, no time to experience the tides or the vicissitudes of the weather or the comings and goings of wild animals or the resurgence of life in the spring. --George K. Russell

Myrin Institute
ISBN 0980083117
144 pages
8.9 x 5.9 inches