A School as a Living Entity

Rea Taylor Gill


The Growth and Development of a School as a Living Entity

In what way can a school be seen as a living entity? When a school's operating systems and organizational structure are intentionally differentiated based on Threefold principles the school becomes a dynamic, effective and vibrant entity. In this thorough and clearly written book, the author explains how the people who serve in a cultural organization like a school can guide its healthy development. The foreword is written by Torin Finser.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Introduction: Emerging Hypothesis
Chapter 2
Organizations - Dead or Alive
Chapter 3
Human Systems and the Correlation with Organizational Systems
Differentiation of the Human Being
The Human Nerve-Sense System and the Pedagogical Sphere of Activity in a Waldorf School
The Human Rhythmic System and the Governance (Legal-Financial) Sphere of Activity in a Waldorf School
The Human Metabolic System and the Community & Resource Development Sphere of Activity in a Waldorf School
Translating the Threefold Form and Function to a Waldorf School
Phases of Organizational Development
Chapter 4
Action Research: Implementation of a Threefold Structure
Review of Hypothesis, Research, Development Methods and Methodology
Implementation of a Threefold Governance Structure at the Vancouver Waldorf School
Chapter 5
Conclusions and Next Steps

Waldorf Publications
ISBN 978-1-936367-18-4
212 pages
7 x 9 inches