Creative Pathways

Elizabeth Auer


Arising out of 18 years of Waldorf teaching experience as manual arts teacher and then Waldorf class teacher from grades 1 - 8, Elizabeth Auer's latest book 'Creative Pathways' is a culmination of her work with hands-on activities and projects with children ages 6 - 14.

She wishes to share the contents with teachers everywhere in classrooms as well as in home-school settings.

The joy and benefits of integrating arts into academic learning are reflected in its wealth of practical advice of all kinds.
Table of Contents:
The Early Years:
Grade One
Grade Two
Grade Three
Grade Four
Grade Five
Middle School:
Grade Six
Grade Seven
Grade Eight

Main Lesson Book Binding
Painting the Hebrew Myth of Creation
Veiling the Cave
Navajo Loom Instructions
Grade Four Dioramas

Waldorf Publications

ISBN 978-1-936367-22-1
94 pages
8.5 x 11 inches