Freeing the Circling Stars

Christopher Houghton Budd


Is there a way to fund education that is neither elitist, on the one hand, nor state-determined, on the other? Is there a case for education to be funded by companies and individuals routing both capital and revenue through generalised, tax-exempt educational endowments? Can education be released from the dictates of ever more restrictive economic circumstances - circumstances that arguably derive from the impoverishment of education in the first place? Can we meet the needs of the unfolding child rather than shackle them to the relentless demand of industry and commerce? Passing from big ideas to day-to-day operation, this book outlines a positive response to such questions.

Christopher Houghton Budd is an economic historian with a doctorate in banking and finance. He sees finance as a means for raising awareness of the meaning and purpose of economic activity. In this book, this idea is turned towards education, on which subject he gives workshops all over the world. Though not a teacher, Dr. Houghton Budd is a parent and served four years on the board of a state primary (elementary) school.

New Economy Publications
ISBN 0-948229-06-3
64 pages
5.25 x 8 inches