Lazy Jack

Kelly Morrow


Lazy Jack is so lazy and impractical that he can barely do anything at all. His mother gets so tired of his uselessness that she threatens to banish him from the home if he cannot go out and find work. So Jack wanders out into the world, seeking work on different farms. What ensues is a hilarious series of botched attempts as he begins to take his Mother's guidance word for word, remaining incapable of seeing that every new situation requires something unique. His impracticality results in silly scenarios such as an attempt to carry a Donkey home in a basket! But Lazy Jack's ridiculousness pays off when he happens to lighten the Spirits of someone who has forgotten how to laugh.

Written and illustrated by class teacher Kelly Morrow, Lazy Jack is one of four introductory readers (in this case a very humorous one).
The author is a trained reading specialist and has used her skills to provide young children with adequate material as they take up the wonderful adventure of learning to read.

Waldorf Publications
ISBN 978-1-888365-99-3
17 pages
6 x 8.5 inches