The Prince and the Dragon

Kelly Morrow


The Prince's brothers have been eaten by a fierce and fiery dragon, that lures young hunters into his lair by transforming himself into a hare. In an effort to defeat the dragon and find his brothers, the young Prince asks: where does the dragon's strength come from?

"Far, far away in a Kingdom, next to the city is a lake, inside the lake is a dragon, inside the dragon is a wild boar, and inside the wild boar is a pigeon. Inside the pigeon is a sparrow, and inside the sparrow lays the dragon's strength."

And so begins a grand adventure that will have all young aspiring readers entranced as they set out on a journey rich with age old morals regarding sacrifice, purity, and courage, all the while pondering the question: where lies the source of my own hidden strengths?

Written and illustrated by class teacher Kelly Morrow, The Prince and the Dragon is one of four introductory readers. The author is a trained reading specialist and has used her skills to provide young children with adequate material as they take up the wonderful adventure of learning to read.

Waldorf Publications
ISBN 978-1-936367-02-5
38 pages
6 x 8.5 inches