Entry Points


A Guide to Rudolf Steiner's Study of Man

This book is designed, as the title suggests, to help the reader find points of comprehension in the original lectures that Rudolf Steiner gave to the teachers in the first Waldorf school.

The extraordinary and revolutionary pictures and ideas in the original lectures can feel overwhelmingly lofty at times; the helpful insights provided in this Study Guide can move a reader forward in understanding the height and depth of the ideals and ideas given by Rudolf Steiner to those wishing to become Waldorf teachers.

Interesting insights, in-depth background materials to aid understanding, and incisive questions to stimulate clear thinking and effective dialogue are the hallmarks of this aid to study. 

The Pedagogical Section Council of North America designed this approach based on years of teacher preparation, questions coming from teachers in Waldorf schools, and decades of study of the material offered in this seminal course of lectures. The Waldorf 100 celebration coming in 2019 has faculties in Waldorf schools around the world taking up these foundational lectures to prepare for the united acknowledgment of 100 years of work with students in these schools.  Entry Points is timely for faculties to unite in the study and in forming a consistent image of all that is asked of Waldorf teachers.

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The Pedagogical Section Council
ISBN #978-1-943582-19-8
156 pages
6 x 9 inches