Fairytales, Families, and Forests


Fairytales, Families & Forests is a sequel to Georgiana Keable’s award-winning Natural Storyteller: Wildlife Tales for Telling. In it we discover that we are all storytellers. Telling a fairytale, children will open their eyes wide and stare at us in wonder, but they will look through us and into a world of magic and mountains that connect them with nature.

This book is packed with stunning stories, singing games and rhymes of nature for ages 0–7 years. It is a perfect resource for parents of young children, preschools, nurseries, special needs, forest schools, and kindergartens. It builds confidence for storytelling and helps us create our own stories or find stories that help with problems.

Fairytales, Families & Forests is brimming with ideas for various celebrations and seasonal festivals and shows us how we can use storytelling to explore language development and comprehension. With stories of our connections with various animals and natural phenomena, children will join us to reclaim our forests and nurture our nature.