Making Math Meaningful - A Source Book for Teaching Middle School Math


Jamie York’s teaching experiences have brought him to understand that if math is to be meaningful to students, it must have these elements:

Be Developmentally Appropriate    Challenge the Students
Work with Questions    Offer Interesting Material
Allow for Depth    Provide the Historical Context

As a Waldorf math teacher, Jamie realized this type of source book for teachers was greatly needed. Jamie York’s  Making Math Meaningful® Source Book for Teaching Middle School Math  provides a direct and logical approach to teaching 6th – 8th graders math. Each grade level and topic include numerous examples and explanations.

Includes; A reworking of 7th grade percents unit, major reworking of 7th grade ratios unit. Two new sections for 8th grade, calculating the Area of Four Types of Triangle, calculating the area of a Cone and Pyramid and much more!

6th Grade Waldorf Math. Full explanations for sixth grade skills topics, including:

Fractions, decimals, percents, mental math and math tricks, divisibility, casting out nines, exponents and roots, prime factorization, converting repeating decimals to fractions, and more.

7th Grade Waldorf Math. Full explanations for seventh grade skills topics, including: 

The metric system, percents, rates, ratios, irrational numbers, the square root algorithm, basic geometry, and more.

8th Grade Waldorf Math. Full explanations for eighth grade skills topics: including:

Pythagorean Theorem, exponential growth, proportions, area and volume, dimensional analysis (unit conversions), basic algebra skills, and more.