Play! Recorders in the Classroom Vol. 3 - Fifth-Grade Student


Grade by Grade Guides for Teachers and Wonderful Music for Students!

Grade Five, Volume 3

New and exciting adventures await in this third volume in a series for playing recorders with a class of children. Grade five has arrived, and the Alto Recorder appears alongside the soprano! David Gable's systematic approach to playing recorders with the young remains steadfast. Step-by-step instructions are provided for both soprano and alto recorders to allow for rich and harmonic playing among students with their teacher. Music is perfectly aligned to the techniques involved for both soprano and alto recorder and is also tuned to the curriculum for grade five in many Waldorf Schools. The diversity of the selection of music across cultures and world views makes for satisfying and uplifting music that opens doors to cultures worldwide while building skill in making beautiful music.

This series of “Play! Recorders in the Classroom” offers a simple, clear, delightful way to follow the indications given to the first Waldorf teachers, age by age, of mastering a wind instrument (next step up from singing!). The author draws on decades of experience as a Waldorf music teacher and professional musician to build this helpful series. Try it — You will see how possible and wonderful it is to play recorders with a class in a Waldorf school!