Singing and Speaking the Child into Life


Songs, Verses, and Rhythmic Games for the First Three Years

Three birth-to-three specialists in Waldorf early childhood education have compiled a collection of traditional songs and verses, together with selected games from Wilma Ellersiek, through their extensive background on child development during these three first years of life. 
Along with our human hands and their loving touch, we first welcome babies into the world with the sound of the human voice. Our speech and song can become a creative force that forms the child, an invisible thread out of which we weave a warm nest of protection and security.  This requires, though, that we become aware of what children need at each developmental stage, and meet them with the right materials for their journey. In this book by three early childhood educators who have extensive experience in working with very young children, you will find age-appropriate materials for the crucial and easily misunderstood stage of development from birth to the age of three. 
Here you will learn how, when, and why to use different types of songs, verses, and games, and gain confidence in finding your own with which to “sing and speak the child into life.”  A wonderful resource for all those working with children under three.

ISBN: 978-1-936849-42-0
125 pages
7 X 10 inches