Teaching Art History

Van James


A comprehensive study of a lively Art History block in a Waldorf School, this book describes the transformation possible in adolescents when surrounded by beauty. It offers awareness of the glorious history of human expression through art and the ages of culture. The presentation is diverse and comprehensive. Often called "History through Art," this block of four weeks of intensive study, most often in the ninth grade, gives a compelling picture of the drive of human beings to express themselves, create beautiful things, and mark history as it is made. In the young, uncertainty can fall away when engaged in viewing, appreciating, and understanding the incredible treasure trove of artistic endeavors through the ages of humankind. This is a bounty of illustrated information that carries anyone -- teacher, student, parent, curious individual, (anyone!) through the ages of time through the study of art. The author brings decades of experience to this treatise and makes the whole process straightforward and enlivened. Even the nuts and bolts of developing the main lesson book as an accomplished textbook by the student is explained and used to illustrate the tremendous and rewarding task of bringing the young into a serious, joyful study of the arts. The students' artwork is breathtaking as an illustration of what young high schoolers can produce when inspired to record history through art.

Waldorf Publications
ISBN: 978-1-943582-58-7
Perfect bound
Full color
278 pages
7.5 x 9.25 inches