The Swarm


Susie is a 5-year-old living with her parents and grandparents on a small family farm. She loves to go to the bees with Grandpa, who uses bee-friendly, bee-supportive methods. Having had a sting in her foot a few weeks ago, she is a bit afraid of bees, especially of getting a second sting. Then, she experiences a swarm, and Grandpa guides her gently in overcoming her fear of bees. A few minutes on a day in May changed her fear into courage and her relationship to this precious and highly important insect.

The honeybee, esteemed sacred in many societies, deserves to be approached and treated with loving care free of fear. This story and the following ones depict really good beekeeping methods and give so much good information about this insect, which modern scientists consider to be at the evolutionary height of being an "animal" rather than an "insect". In spite of the seriousness of the topic, the delightful story does not lacking humor and an intensive adventure mood.