Thy Will Be Done

Roberto Trostli


In Waldorf schools around the world, teachers gather to build an imagination of their school that opens hearts and minds to higher realities on behalf of the children entrusted to the care of the teachers and the school. This colleagueship forms a vessel for the receiving of strength, courage, light, and love for the children in each Waldorf school. The “College of Teachers” is the name given to these circles of teachers who work actively, collaboratively, and meditatively on finding the best approach for each child through the Waldorf curriculum.  Roberto Trostli describes the practices and the task of the College of Teachers with clarity and insight in these pages. The book sheds light on this unique aspect of Waldorf education and offers perceptive suggestions for success. 

Waldorf Publications
ISBN-13: 978-1943582167
136 Pages
6 x 9 inches