The Waldorf Main Lesson

Eric G. Müller


The so called “Main Lesson,” which starts off each and every day in Waldorf Schools around the world is the most enduring and consistent innovation in Waldorf Education and is its signature difference that distinguishes it from other educational systems. Right from the movement’s inception in 1919, Stuttgart, Germany, this long morning lesson, where the focus is on one subject for a block of time spanning a number of weeks, has formed the foundation on which the rest of the pedagogy stands. What are its enduring qualities? How is it structured? Why is it given such a pivotal position in Waldorf education? How do teachers utilize the time at their disposal? What are its lasting benefits? When and how does the structure change according to the needs of the lower, middle, and high school students? Who determines the structure? How can Rudolf Steiner’s unique pedagogical gift be applied in the most optimal manner? These and many more questions are addressed in The Waldorf Main Lesson. Eric G. Müller examines multiple facets of this mainstay of Waldorf education, hoping that it will encourage and stimulate readers, especially Waldorf teachers, to arrive at their own deeper insights and perspectives on the Main Lesson and its far-reaching significance.

Alkion Press
ISBN: 978-1-7340170-3-8
210 pages
6 X 9 inches