To the Infinite and Back Again Part II

Henrike Holdrege


To the Infinite and Back Again, Part II, is an introduction to projective geometry and begins where Part I ended. In Part I, the concepts of point, line, and plane at infinity were introduced and tested within certain contexts. The goal was to show that they are meaningful and not arbitrarily conceived. This volume works with these concepts from the outset.

The principal of duality (or polarity), which was discovered in the 19th century, is central to projective geometry and is the main focus of this volume. Learning to think in polarities can facilitate a significant and beneficial expansion of modern thought and modern consciousness.

The book provides numerous exercises that foster capacities of precise geometric imagination, thinking in transformations, and thinking in polarities. In a careful step-by-step fashion, the book shows how ideas form, grow, weave, and metamorphose. Richly illustrated, this workbook is intended for self-study by the layperson, and as a resource for teaching projective geometry in high school or college.

This is the second part of a single workbook.  Find out more about To the Infinite and Back Again, Part I.

The Nature Institute
ISBN: 978-0-9744906-6-3
Spiral bound
Color diagrams
119 pages
8.5 x 11 inches